I hit the big FOUR OH!

Well i hit the big four 'oh' (40) and to celebrate my leervly wife (lin) threw a surprise party. I was called up at about 6.30 on Saturday by two good friends and told to be ready in 10 mins to go for a drinky. Now i had already been told by Lin that that she had booked a meal for us (9.30), so quickly sought an okay from her to go out and rushed to get ready, with instructions to be back by 9.15 latest. No sooner had i put on my clothes than Mark and Ed arrived, and off we went. They told me we were going to Leeds, which concerned me since I did not have enough time for that, but was soon relieved when we arrived at a local watering hole.

Now it's fair to say i had some idea there may have been a plan for a party of sorts, but any ideas were far outweighed by everyone who had been giving me very plausible stories of what they were doing that weekend etc. But i had pondered on a couple of odderties in the recent week.

Once we arrived at the pub, it made a little more sense - i knew that the squash club was a small walk away, and was a venue we used for our wedding reception. Once inside the lads kept me chatting whilst ordering double vodka Red Bulls and pints to get me in the party mood.

Eventually they let me in on the 'the plan' - we were to play 'Late Night Golf' a game i had yet to learn about they told me!.. i popped in a comment about surly they meant late night Squash (hehehe i was on to the plan! - i thought) but they were adamant it was golf.

At 8.30 we set off up the road, and barring a short Piggy Back ride were passing the squash club some 15mins later. The lads suggested we have a bevy before playing so went in and up to the bar. NOW i was thrown, it had just a couple of people there and NO SIGN OF ACTIVITY, could i be wrong? we got our drinks when suddenly a familiar birthday song was heard and I was lead into a room of happy faces and TOTALLY SHOCKED. I still don't know how she managed it and the fact i sussed something was possibly going on, did not take away from the utter shock of it all.

I was presented with many cards and gifts, the kewlest has to be a Robosapian from the people at work.

So finally, to all those who came and celebrated with me, a BIG THANKS for everything and especially my leervly wife Lin, who pinched my phone for my friends numbers, raided my email for addresses and used them to organise a truly memorable night.


Some of the crowd

Luke and Steve get intimate!

Simon replaces Luke's batteries

A Gurny me!

Oliver does bugs bunny

The dancing starts

Ol, Viccy and Luke with dan behind

WaHay its Simon

Simon imagines great pleasure

Dan and Lady friend

Ian struts his stuff

The noisy crew

Booby cake

Me attempting to blow out relighting candles!

Simon invents a rather gay dance!

Simon ALWAYS finds the camera! hehehe

Lin behind Simon strutting her stuff!




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