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Ferrari Go-Kart Crazy

Father-son project time !
June 04

Bran had been asking for some weeks to have a 'Go Kart, after questioning him about what he wanted, discarding the ideas of an engine, peddles, and steering wheel (at least for the moment) I finally got him to settle on the idea

of what I know as a 'bogey', although in my time, dad did not purchase me all the items, I had to scout around some nasty places and beg, borrow or otherwise acquire the items.

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So, after some three weeks of acquiring the wheels, axils, bolts and bits, i finally, purchased the wood and planned a fine Saturday, 'bonding' with Bran - building the

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Kart. To be honest, he did start enthusiastically, but not more that 1 piece of wood cut later, the attention waned and he was off to play with friends, leaving me to carry on building, whilst he popped back periodically to 'project manage' the build. After about 3-4 hours on a glorious day, so nice I did not mind working on my own, it was done, well I thought so, even if Bran did not buy the idea of no steering wheel, brakes or seat!. We test drove it and did the old 'shake down' to test the wheels and bolts and all was well. The following day, bran and his friend painted the Kart (using random paints from the shed in some kind of modern art approach, and once dry... erm.. left it, in fact it remained 'drying' with for about 3 weeks before it finally became the toy of the moment once again, in the meantime i had reminded Bran on several occasions that in order for me to consider the necessary 'street mods' he wanted (steering wheel, brakes and seat) i need to see the kart being used. Well we have now had a solid week of Kart, Kart, Kart which lead us to move the project on a little, namely, painting it bright (Ferrari) red and covering it in similar advertising to that of Bran's F1 Hero - Michael Schumacher (although it pained me somewhat to do it, for Bran and his smiley face, it was done.

So there we have it, as it stands today, glorious red, and im sure with the Marlboro branding on the back we will get some pokey comments from fuddy duddy old people who don't think we should allow our son near such branding!

Ill keep you posted on those further developments!

More photographs added June 04

I have been working to take photographs that I could look to use in an exhibition at some point in time. I have not (as yet) gone out of my way to take these shot, just seen something i like and taken lots of the same subject - I have a personal theory that for every 30 pictures i take one will be vaguely useful and of those few chosen, maybe 1 in 10 may make the final grade! Anyhow take a look at the photography section there are 14 new images.



SOny NX70V/E

I got one of these, little babies... Sony Clie. They (Sony) refer to it as a Personal Entertainment Organiser, and i think that pretty much describes it well... in short it entertains, by means of being able to play some rather nice games on, allows you to take pictures and video and even import

your own video, so if you see me sat laughing at it, I am probably watching an episode of Simpson's to pass away the time. It also performs as a great organiser, note pad, doodle pad, TV/DVD remote commander, MP3 Player, and supports bluetooth, WiFI and naturally email, web and PC connectivity. All in all a SUPERB little gadget....if at a rather lavish cost!... prices range in the region of about £270.


Oooh ...Cooool Blue

My PC was well overdue for an upgrade just after chrimbo, so decided to do it!. I was getting fed up of not having any room to save data to, not being able to play the latest games in glorious high resolutions etc etc. I decided as always to purchase all the bits from different online companies to keep costs at a minimum. The result is a 2800 XP 120 gig Serial ATA drive with the old 40 gig as a second drive, 128meg Radeon XT, 512Mb of 400 Mhz Ram, DD writer, CD writer. I opted for alot of Coolermaster items too, so it has an Aero fan (looks like jet turbine), and an Aluminum Case. Not being one to do things by half i then proceeded to cut a hole in the site for a window and stuck in 3 blue led fans and one red one alongside the blue neon tube. All in all it looks pretty neat, runs sweet and is as cool inside as it looks outside (IMO):¬D

Kung Fu update... I'm am now officially a Brown Sash in Laugar!

After 2.5 years training i feel i have reached a milestone in my 'Fu', - still a way to go.. i have a personal ambition to gain a Black sash, so will remain focused.

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