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Lau Gar Kung Fu Summer School 2004

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Myself with John Russell, One of the Guardians of Lau Gar Kung Fu and the Sifu who teaches most of the summer course.

A little late that I would have liked, but here are some pictures from the Kung Fu summer school I attended in July this year. This years event took place in Scarborough, a place that has become the 'home' of the summer course, since it was the first location chosen some 30 years ago! Next year we go to North Wales, which will be my first time back there since I was quite young. The course took the usual format of 4 hours training each day, covering a lot of stuff from exercise (press ups etc) chi kung, stances, combination work, chi sau (kind of sticking hand work) and our own particular syllabus work. 5 of the days had an early morning run/exercise, starting at 7am for 1 hour. I managed 2 full days, the second day putting in a sterling effort of a 300 plus meter sprint finish at the end of a 4+ mile run, beating my sinful! However, since i was nursing a damaged ankle, i then suffered the next day and dropped out after some half mile, to then walk all the remaining days.


more gadgets!

Those who know me well, know like my gadgets, and fortunately i have a VERY understanding, and often equally gadget keen wife. So when i saw one of these little puppies i just HAD to have one... nothing new about the ipac, but since i last saw one then have shrunk in size - now they are slim, light and of course  more  powerful.  But  it

was not the Pocket PC so much that made me spend my money, oh no, it was the Sat Nav ability. Coupled with TomTom Navigator software with its satellite communicator (about the size of a box of swan matches) the two talk via bluetooth to the dozen or so satellites that orbit the earth and guide you to your destination. The software is rated as one of the best available, both clear, clean, and graphically pleasing, the

systems is wireless (bluetooth) and has audio/voice instructions so you don't need to watch the screen.. and that just the start, accuracy is awesome.. it knows pretty much which

side of the damn road you are on!.. need i say more. Being wireless, and having a pretty useful, 8 hours battery time, means little mess in the car and the safe assurance it all fits discreetly in yer pocket! So what would this cost me i hear you ask.. (and i am in no way getting commission here! - shame!) the HP ipac 1940 is about £170 and the Sat Nav system is about the same. A costly gadget, i guess, but compare that to a regular Sat Nav systems and you will see that they start at about £500 plus, and with this you get the added pocket PC!.
Those who have seen my other posts about the Sony Clie, will no doubt wonder what i did with that?... well as i said earlier, my other half is very nearly a gadget nut too, and i suppose in some way, her desire for a clie the same as mine, was also a reason to pass that to her and upgrade to the the ipac.


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