I took a career change for a few years and worked as an embroidery designer. The job was not a long way from graphics arts - the applications are similar and the skills developed transposed quite easily.

The job was quite challanging - joining from day one, and building it up into the 2nd largest in the UK in just 4 years.

Through lots of hard work and many hours working late and hard, the small team I put together managed to atract some pretty impressive clients. My role (as manager/director) was mainly of keeping it all togther, but afforded me the chance to utilise my skills and flair to excell on the 'Blue Chip' clients work. I have therefore done work for:

Le Mans 24hr Race teams
West McLaren F1
Jordan F1
Prince Naseem
Hula Hoops
The Beautiful South
Guiness and more!

as well as working under licence on:

Wallace & Gromet
and more.

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