I met Linda in 1982, she was 14 and I ws 17. We met at a local youth club disco, and still find it quite amazing how the relationship just seemed to work. Thai's not to say we did not go through those times of 'finding ourselves', but perhaps that is why we are now in a situation where we know each other so well, that we never have relationship issues. In 1996 we had a son (Brandon), who seems to constantly amaze and amuse.

..:://How we look- now and then !

This is me (Carl) aged about 6 or seven. Quite a scary school photo.

Carl, aged 11 in 1975, another school photo. Lovely mop haircut, which was the fashion I seem to recall!

I guess I must have been in secondary school for this photo, so perhaps about 12 years old.

Lin and I on our wedding day. 3rd March 1990. Why is it wedding pictures date so fast! It funny to think I was feeling VERY BADLY hung over in this pic.

Taken just as we were about to leave to go and see The Rocky Horror Picture show. A favorite of ours, and always an opportunity to get dressed up - or down!

This delightful picture was taken in about 1998, sorry for the nasty cheesy grin, I seem to recall we were taking staff photos and had the giggles.

Looking sharp and permed!.. I had just been to the races, it was windy and I was quite fed up of eating hair!

Linda, aged 3. Apparently she attempted to cut off her curls when younger. There is no pleasing women, have perm, want straight, have straight hair, want perm! ...tsk!


Another Rocky Horror picture, Lin dressed as Magenta... Grrrrr! :)

Lin - 30 something.. I think this was at her brothers wedding.

Brandon, aged, just a few months. We nick named him 'Widegy Grub' in the first year.. I think this pic says it all!

Carl - not even 1 year old... look at that LOVLEY curl! :S

Lin - again, not even 1 years old... ain't she chubby! hehehe

Lin and her father, I think she is about 2 or 3 in this pic.

Lin at a party, probably about 3 or 4 years old... If i ask her then it means she knows is ONLINE! - hehehehe!!!

Victorian Mum 'n' Dad!... Lin and I when we went to Beamish, quite some years ago, I like this pic.




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