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Lau Gar Summer Course 2007

Another summer course, another week of running, training, meeting old and new friends and of course drinking.

The weather was not so kind this year; generally overcast, often raining (kind of sums up summer 2007 for most of the UK). But that did not dampen the spirits, and we only had to run once in the rain.

Anyhow, take a look at a few pictures of the fun and not the training we had.

Lau Gar Summer Course 2007 - Scarborough


New Site Launch

Click to visit my new site


FINALLY!, after such a long time promising myself, I got round to building myself another site. The site is Flash driven, and is a portfolio for my painting and especially photography. There is still some content to add but the site is good to go and 95% done.

The past struggles I have had with the site; like designing any site for myself, is that I start to design and either hate the design before its completed the design stage or have found I have found something else that appeals more - the results is lots of half ideas and nothing much else.

This time I decided to design and build in a frenzied state (not literally mind). I knew the design had to be simple, so as not to detract from the photos, so worked up a simple layout, messed with colours (decided on a scary green/grey colour combo) and then moved into flash to get the shell built. The site was to the stage it is now in less than a week, mind you there were at least 3 night where I was still working past 2am and one where I think it was about 3.45am (it started to get light !!) but I gave myself no room to change things.

The close ups on the ‘about’ and ‘contact’ page were somewhat of an eleventh hour 'thing', having go the main sections done, I needed some words about me and also some imagery to go… you might even recognise the fact that the photos are from the same shoot as the article below (man eats dog), I think they work... most people hate pics of themselves and I’m no exception, so this bold use of close-ups works - and a big thanks to Bran who took the pics :¬D.

Anyhow take a look and if you want.. let me know your thoughts - or not!

Harrogate Man eats dog!

eat a dalmation - why not!
Just messing with the D70 Nikon and some studio lighting.
Bran decided that he wanted to shoot some pictures of 'spotty' (thats the dog not me!) Anyhow, I decided to make it fun, daft, easier to focus than a small furry animal and sat in the chair and started to mess about... this is probably one of the best.
P.S. children do not try this at home. Spotty fully recovered from his ordeal and in none-the-worse for the experience.

Black Belt at last!

Wow, over a whole year since i updated the site!

SO what's happened this year... quite a bit that I should have added, but lets jump to the Big One!... in October after working pretty hard for some years i achieved my Black Sash (belt) in Lau Gar Kung Fu.

The proceeding 6 months had become quite a focused time, with lots of extra practice - lessons in Birmingham etc. The final six weeks of so were spent in somewhat of a trans... Lin soon realised that most of what she was asking me was passing me by, as i tended to nod in agreement or understanding but was in fact mentally going through my 'stuff'. But she was very understanding overall.

So how was the grading?... pretty terrible.... up at 5am, drive to Birmingham City Centre, arrived at 9am, paid money, had licence and paperwork checked, and then a quick brief on how it would all go. Then we went in - 4 at a time in numbered order. I was number 6, so getting up early worked - second group in... however what i did not know until i got called in was that i was to grade with 3 girls, nowt wrong with that, except i was then partnered with the shortest person possible! - ARRG! it was like working with and 8yr old in height!. What that meant in terms of grading was that the sparring, staff, knife, hand and kick blocks were done against the partener you were assigned, and mine was short, so had to compensate under grading conditions for a very very short person - so you see what i said it was terrible...never mind, the walking techniques and set work were solo affairs and I felt that those were my chance to prove my salt.

Anyhow, i should not have worried, after 2 weeks of nail biting i received my letter that i had passed - not too bad, considering all things - now i have started to learn the Dou (Lau Gar Knife - or sword to most people!)

and i was 41 in November!

I hit the big FOUR OH!

It was my 40th Birthday (13th Nov) and my Wife (lin) organised a surprise party... check out the pics and stuff



Cappuccino Choco-l-art

At the company where I work we appreciate GOOD COFFEE! - to that end we have a nice Gaggia Cappuccino machine to give us that caffeine rush we need to make it through the day. Now, being the artistic type, I decided that just 'dusting' the top of the coffee was not enough, so developed a triple stripe of chocolate dusting as my preference for the traditional finishing touch. Not wanting to be outdone, or perhaps to prove that are creative too, it has now become something of an art adopted by my fellow workmates - perhaps you could say, a Choco-l-art! It then occurred to me the other day that since this is a growing office trend that it is worthy of space on the site, so i now present to the World a collection of photos of the officerings seen on our desks. I will endeavor to keep adding to this over the next few weeks.. who knows we may try to be seasonal too!





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