Kung Fu Summer School - Scarborough 2004

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Myself with John Russell, One of the Guardians of Lau Gar Kung Fu and the Sifu who teaches most of the summer course.

Some pictures from the demonstration of the sticking Hands work. Click for larger verions

For those curious enough to have not asked what was involved here is a rough guide:

Wake up - banana, juice - whatever your food choice, before a short car ride to the meeting point at 7am


Skipping for 5 min then a run till 8am. The run was broken by extra exercise on the first few days - the hardest being press ups in gravel that found it way into your palms as you pushed. Day 2 say sit ups and such on a very wet and sandy car park. It certainly quills the spirit

For those early back from the run, join in the 1500 punches until 8am then back to the car and off back to the digs.

Shower and breakfast. There were some very interesting foody stuffs consumed during the week. But when you need energy you take as much as you can handle, be it Cheese on toast (with or without sauce) cereal, fruit, toast, copious coffee, Semolina, beans and more i cannot recall.

9.30am PROMPT
Start with Sun Salutations, stretching and warm up for half hour

10am- 11am
Lau Gar Stance Set, random sit-ups, pressups and combination of those and 'the plank' Also some 'Ging' work.

11am - 12noon
Each grade joins similar grades for Syllabus work.

12noon - 1am
Chi Sau - Sticking hand work.

1pm - 1.30pm
Meditation and Shaolin Stomps

1.30pm - bedtime
All done for the day, just chill down time, lunch, beer and reflecting on the work you had done - usually with some practice.


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