I suppose my interest in photography stems from being of an artistic nature. I don't profess to be anything of a professional, or even close, but since I understand balance and know most of the functions of a camera, I can (on occasion) get some good results (IMO).

These days of digital cameras really make life easier, no more waiting to see the results, and no cost in snapping like a mad man!

Below is a selection of images I am most happiest with - I will endeavor to add more as I find suitable shots!

updated June 04



Kung Fu Summer Course 04
Rocky Horror 2002
Fireworks 2002
Brans Faces
My Town
SiPix Cam
WatchCam Home
WatchCam Anims
WatchCam Close-Ups
WatchCam People
WatchCam Scenes
WatchCam Kiting
Strange Friends?
Kung Fu Summer School
Pets (Cats & Rats)
Family (inc. my school pics!)
Web Cam

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