Saturday 9th November 2002.

Imagine, a collection of the worst drag queens, goths and bald headed hunchbacks, mix with it in equal measures a collection of people in their 'special bedroom clothes', blooded theatre gowns, and 50's rockers and add about 6 normal dressed people. Put them in a theatre, where they know all the lines of all the cast, and spend most of the time stood up, shouting out one liners, dancing, throwing rice and water, you then have a small in site into the Rocky Horror Experience.

This time Lin and I went to the Rocky Horror Picture show, with Calvin and Ian (my brother and Lins bother respectively) We are all somewhat seasoned pro's (so to speak) when it comes to Rocky. We first went back in about 1985, then as complete novices, but within one week we had seen it 3 times and knew what it was all about. Since then we have gone every time it had come to either Leeds or Bradford theatres, which seems to be every other year.

This year is rather special - its the 30th Anniversary of the show, the difference was most evident in the quality of the stage, lighting and visuals - by far the best we have seen. The acting (!?) was that of the best also, although the actors, were lesser know that the likes of most we have seen, but hey - they knew their stuff.

Check out the official website: www.rockyhorror.co.uk

Below is a selection of recent and past Rocky horror nights. Click for larger versions.


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