SiPix Blink

8 Meg internal memory storing 100 images at 640 x 480 or 400 at 320 240. AVI mode for making movie type sequences. Webcam and conferencing     abilities,

USB connection and all this in such a tiny package at less than £40 - check out the SiPix website:


If you are interested in getting your hand on one of these little cams:


Some of the first pictures off the camera. All saved with a slight compression over the original, but with little noticeable loss of quality. Some of Bran at the fair, one from the window at work and the rest I took one lunch time whilst walking.

Kiting with Bernie and Steve after work. It was quite windy so only flew the 6ft kite - anything else might have been fun but none of us felt up of it.

Some pics that Bran took

This is an interesting effect that Bran recreated several times by falling over as he pressed the button.


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