Jim and Stu, declare undying Love thorough he haze of booze, and Jim thinks Stu has fine Moobs

Stu hoists up his leg to demonstrate his new flexibility, whist the crowd cheer and Jim plays his invisible Guitar!


Meanwhile, Clive is non too happy about the paparazzi.

Quickly he intervenes and grabs our intrepid photography by the scruff of the neck and warns him about flash photography. Non too please by this the happy snapping photographer shoots one more for the album.

Charlotte and Katy discover an untapped revenue stream and whilst the revelers are partying hard they set up shop offering massage fac9ilities to the party goers for a small price - any make enough to eat chocolate for a week!

The evening entertainment was supplied by The Great David Magica Eccles and his darling assistant Jess. David is seen here attempting to make a pint appear to quench his thirst.

Mat and C& A or Nathan? who knows!

Yeeeassss, Helloooo





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