I had my first introduction to the Internet and web site building back in 1996. In those days graphics on web sites were just about starting, but you had to build in anticipation that most people would turn graphics off - to speed up the loading of pages!!. This was of course in the times when people still had 14k modems and 28k had just been released.

I started using a program called Adobe Pagemill, it worked well, being an Adobe product. The the most exciting things it did was tables, image maps and framesets. No CSS, Java, or anything we take for granted. At that time Flash 1 was beginning to emerge, and in

typical Macromedia fashion (my opinion) was hard to understand... I was very much of the opinion that, 'Adobe was the best' and understood their way of working. I naturally ignored Flash.

The early sites I built were nothing more than messing about, until about 12-18 months later, when I built my first real company site, It was to include selling online - something that was very new, and very hard to find people who could help, naturally, we gave up and hosted a 'static' site, holding about 50 pages.

Over the next few years I gradually built my portfolio up, and moved over to Dreamweaver on version 2. Then in 2000, I took a career decision and went to work full-time designing sites. Since then I have worked on countless projects, from static sites, up to full content managed, dynamic propositions, intranets, and more.

You will see from my design portfolio - which contains quite a few propositions, that one key area I work at is the interface design. I believe it it my strong point, after all I have over 15 years commercial design experience.


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